+10,000 XP – New Level Get!

When I first started writing this blog I had a bunch of half-baked ideas I wanted to try, and among these were a few topics that can only be categorized as “personal maintenance”. Chief among these was the idea that I would commit to writing a single informal post about my experience as a blogger each time the site hit a certain number of unique visits. The general thought was that, while successive posts would get progressively more interesting as I drew more experience, when read backwards they would also serve as a time capsule of my own naivete and jack-assery.

Of course key to this plan was picking a big milestone as my first cutoff. The benefit here was two-fold: first I would appear less ridiculous repeatedly blogging about blogging because the site actually already had readers; second, it would move my deadline way out in the future to live in exile until I abandoned it to play video games instead. In that vein, it seemed only appropriate that I would choose 10,000 views as my first marker, seeing how its a wholly unreachable number consisting of more zeros than seems prudent. So that’s what I did.

And all that made a great deal of sense until the Stupid Interview Questions series inexplicably brought in nearly 15,000 views in less than a week.

So now I have this self imposed deadline pounding down my door, having trudged through the mists of far-off-and-never to the sunny shores of right-goddamn-now. The deadline also finds me in an awkward predicament, having a few other topics already in the queue, nicely researched, outlined, and competing with my wife and infant daughter for paternal blessings.

But a fake, secret, sort-of promise is still a promise. The State of Houston is 10,000+ views in. My first post about starting and running this site will follow in the next couple of days, lest the specters of failed commitments come rattling their chains to punch me in the throat.