Locking Old Posts

Like any WordPress blog, this site has a big problem with spam comments. Whether hocking Russian alternatives to Viagra or uncensored footage of strip bocce ball, spam comments come in every single day (particularly on old but popular posts).

So far my efforts at filtering the spam without killing the real comments have been successful, but since the process involves my intervention the volume of crap makes it a bit of a pain. To make things easier I’m now locking any post for comments older than a couple of weeks.

As a rule posts almost never get real comments after the first week anyway, but if you really want to have your say on an old topic feel free to send your message via the contact page.


Note that this isn’t an automated shut off after X days. Mostly I’m hand picking the high traffic targets of spam bots and any post where the discussion is well and truly dead. Feel free to check older posts to see if commenting is still allowed there.