Now Entering the Independent Space

A more detailed explanation of my thoughts and feelings are to follow soon, but in short I’ve decided to go out on my own for a while. To that end my last day at Arkane Studios is tomorrow. I can say that I’m excited about the transition, and that I value my relationships with my former coworkers more now than ever. Dishonored has been a big milestone, not only in my career, but in my life. I’m proud of my part in the project, and am immensely glad that I could see it through from start to finish. I’m also grateful that everyone has been understanding of my need to make a change, and that I can dive into something potentially difficult and scary on the best possible terms.

More to follow. Also, if you’re looking for a part-time collaborator/contractor from an experienced programmer and writer, check me out on LinkedIn. Contact me there or via direct message on Twitter.