Published Elsewhere: Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Starting today there is some free advice written (partially) by me over at Roxlou Games.

Roxlou Games: Made for Nerds

Here’s a quote:

“For those that missed it, Joe recently wrote a blog post for Gamasutra talking about why he decided to go indie and form Roxlou Games. In a section titled ‘Why I Make Games’ Joe talked about growing up as an ‘odd’ kid, and talked about wanting to connect in some way with those that shared that common experience.

The reaction to the post was wonderful, and one result was a slew of emails to Joe and Lee from both aspiring game developers and high-school age kids asking for advice. In honor of Thanksgiving here in the US, over the next few days we’ve decided to post our responses to some of these emails in the hopes that others might find them useful.”

Check it out.