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  • Timepieces

    Digital clocks are too quiet
    For my silence
    Which is currently pervasive
    And Elusive
    Drawn out on thick currents of breath whisping like tides
    From my lips.
    I need clocks that tick and measure
    That loft explanations into the air
    And strike its surface like a tuning fork. My analog…

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  • Green Thumb

    When he spoke to you that way
    The way that made your eyelashes curl inward
    Pinching in like the rigid splayed legs of a crushed lady bug
    He plucked a bright seed from within you
    And pinched it tightly between his thumb and forefinger.
    It was absent minded, but his…

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  • Unconditional

    Unconditional The taste of her mouth
    Sipped along the smooth edge of
    Imminent anticipatory
    Promises of water.
    When the first drop pointedly struck
    The back of my neck,
    I knew from the drowsy shriek
    Of odor seeping into the base of my eyes
    That she smelled like rain. And the…

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  • The Ballad of Mother Eve

    The Ballad of Mother Eve

    There was a garden and a boy
    Both awash in verdant joy
    But only one with tousled hair
    And only one with Cacky Bear.
    Cacky Bear with glassy eyes
    Reflected all the cloudy skies
    As seen mirrored somewhat true
    In the boy’s own eyes…

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